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Novak Djokovic – Gluten-Free Takes Center Court!!
The winner of Wimbledon Men’s finals 2011, Novak Djokovic, has recently been diagnosed w/gluten sensitivity.  He even had the doctor who diagnosed him in the stands at Center Court today.

How Wheat May Sabotage Your Mental Health

Dr. Mercola has documentation and much to say about the disturbing topics related to wheat consumption.

Bacteria Divide People Into 3 Types, Scientists Say
In the 1900s, scientists discovered that each person belongs to one of four blood types. Now they have discovered a new way to classify humanity: by bacteria. Each human being is host to thousands of different species of microbes. Yet a group of scientists now report just three distinct ecosystems in the guts of people they have studied.

Sugar: The toxicity question and what to do about it
Sugar is toxic, argues a recent incendiary article that, as could be expected, has drawn attention from health experts, journalists and the people who really count – those who eat.

Is Sugar Toxic?
In May 26, 2009, Robert Lustig gave a lecture called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth,” which was posted on YouTube the following July. Since then, it has been viewed well over 800,000 times, gaining new viewers at a rate of about 50,000 per month, fairly remarkable numbers for a 90-minute discussion of the nuances of fructose biochemistry and human physiology.

Happy Healthy Long Life
A medical librarian’s adventures in evidence-based living; written by a medical librarian at a leading US medical center – always skeptical – yet open-minded.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Health (PCRM)
Founded in 1985, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a nonprofit organization that promotes preventive medicine, conducts clinical research, and encourages higher standards for ethics and effectiveness in research.

18 Gluten Cross Reactive Foods
A large percentage of individuals do not improve on a strict gluten-free diet. Existing amongst many of those with gluten sensitivity is a cross reactivity issue with other dietary proteins. This means the immune system will react with other proteins as if they were gluten.

Dental One Associates of Fayetteville, GA
This dental practice has posted an inspiring message for patients who need special consideration because of their gluten intolerance issues. At the bottom of the page is an impressive list of resources to help educate their patients.

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