Breakfast (or Anytime) Salad

Smoothies, they’re everywhere! I don’t have and not sure I need/want a high-powered blender. After years of weight battles I long ago adopted the philosophy of only eating calories; never drinking them. But smoothies have an amazing combination of flavors and nutrition – what to do!

This morning I needed mega nutrients after a weekend of allergy misery and one full day mostly sleeping. I woke up too early and made my current favorite morning cup-of-coffee that includes coconut milk and coconut oil shaken together with stevia and vanilla for a caffeine kick plus gut healing.

I crawled back into bed and half-awake made a mental inventory of the nutritious elements in the refrigerator that needed using up this week. Plus, what could I have for breakfast? Somewhere in the middle of dozing I suddenly knew that I was getting out the food processor and chopping up my breakfast using some of those refrigerator goodies.

Breakfast (or Anytime) Chopped Salad

Breakfast (or Anytime) Chopped Salad

In the kitchen I quickly jotted down some notes as those foggy morning inspirations tend to disappear like clouds on a summer day. I took out celery, chickpeas (home-cooked), organic carrots, fresh parsley, walnuts (from the freezer), and a lonely pear leftover from making Grain-Free Autumn Fruit Crumble from *Ricki Heller’s fabulous new recipe book!

Breakfast (or Anytime) Salad
(Measurements are estimated)

1 1/2 cups rough chopped celery including leafy part

1 cup chickpeas, home-cooked (canned is OK)

1/2 cup carrot pieces

1 cup fresh parsley, cut up with scissors

1 fresh pear, cut up, peeled or not (an apple would work)

1/2 cup walnut pieces

12-14 Kalamata olives

Garlic powder

Sea salt

Add all of the ingredients to the bowl of your food processor. Pulse about 10 or 12 times. Check the consistency. Mine was finer than coleslaw but none of it was mushy. This amount made three packed 1-cup servings. There is a lot of space between the larger pieces that disappear when finely chopped and compressed.

Fast & Easy Chopping

Fast & Easy Chopping

I was amazed at how well this turned out as other ingredients were considered during the process. There was a jar that would not open, I could not remember where I put the balsamic vinegar, and another bottle (in the fridge) was empty. I had the sense of unseen helpers guiding my selections. :-)

Gretchen @gfedge

*Ricki Heller’s delightful publication, Naturally Sweet and Gluten-Free, is a recipe book of gourmet treats that just happens to be nutritious, allergy-adaptable food. ABC News featured article in their Lifestyle section was titled Gluten-Free Desserts You Have to Taste to Believe and the recipes from this book that are shared in the article will make you a believer!

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