Terra Mediterranean Grill – Fort Worth, Texas

This week I made an overnight trip to Fort Worth to catch up on family events. There was an afternoon visit with younger brother Jon’s family especially to congratulate niece Katherine on graduating high school and her plans to enter college in the fall. Donna, Katherine, Laura, and Samantha were there for lunch but Jon was not able to join us.

There is a crazy amount of highway construction going on in Fort Worth. Fortunately Don had programmed our GPS and the maps with the exit closings were available for navigation otherwise I may not have found their house.

Younger daughter Teresa, @TravelingRD, is already deep into her first class for her Public Health PhD program. She arrived home from school and we had a very pleasant mother/daughter catching up visit.

The next day we had a wonderful, relaxing lunch at Terra Mediterranean Grill , one of the new restaurants in the Fort Worth Cultural District. It is described as a restaurant that provides fresh and healthy Mediterranean, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisine. I can definitely vouch for that after a pass through their noon buffet. Everything on the menu is fresh and appealing. A very large percent is gluten-free and or vegan. In fact except for the breads, tabouli, and kibbie everything is gluten-free. That is part of what made it relaxing for me aside from the pleasant, open environment, and of course Teresa’s company :-).

Teresa as Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

Teresa as Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

I really did consider the MyPlate recommendations while selecting from the buffet – although it is hard to tell after I piled sample after sample on top of each another. Does anyone ever go through a buffet without this happening on TheirPlate?

Closeup of My Buffet Selections

Closeup of My Buffet Selections

As best I could tell everything on the lunch buffet is taken from the dinner menu although presented in sample portions. Isn’t that a great idea for an ethnic restaurant? You can find new dishes that you love and come back for dinner and order a whole meal based on your new favorites?
This is what I sampled:
Greek Salad
Grape Leaves (vegetarian)
Vegetarian Moussaka
Lamb Moussaka
Roasted Cauliflower
Sautéed Spinach
Saffron Chicken
Roasted Vegetables

My new love is roasted cauliflower! And I had to Google Lebanese Falafel because this was so different from the falafel of previous restaurants and the ones I make at home. There are more ingredients, different seasonings, and a coarser texture. It oddly reminded me of hushpuppies.

Terra Mediterranean Grill @TerraMedGrill
West 7th/Cultural District
2973 Crockett Street
Fort Worth, TX 76107
M-F from 11AM-2:30PM (Buffet Only)
M-F from 5PM-10PM (Seated Dinner – No Buffet)
Sat from 11AM-11PM (Seated Dinner – No Buffet)
Sun from 12PM-8PM (Seated Dinner – No Buffet)

Exciting for Rita, Teresa, and me:
Coming soon to Austin! (Hopefully before BlogHer 2013)

Here is a video from NBC Dallas/Fort Worth showing what it is like to experience the Fort Worth location. The whole Cultural District reminds me of The Domain in Austin with retail, restaurants, and museums, mixed with condo and apartment options.

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