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The frozen bananas plus other seasonal fruit taking up space in my freezer/fridge had me anxious about snarky comments from Don regarding the space they were taking up in addition to that of the multitude of gluten-free flours. And since the outdoor temperatures have been in the upper 90s*F or lower 100s*F turning on the oven really gives me pause as in ‘do we really need any more heat today?’

Frozen bananas as a base for frozen fruity goodness have been very appealing during this longer-than-anticipated recovery from dental surgery. It was unanticipated recovery time because the first two surgeries were a breeze; no pain, swelling, hardly a blip in my day never mind a full week of misery and a slow recovery.

I have been eyeing Zoe’s gluten-free, SCD recipes for some time now and appreciate the simple ingredients and easy instructions. Zoe develops and shares recipes with the same abjective that Rita and I have; to provide yummy tasting food for our family and friends in spite of dietary constraints. Several of her fruity frozen treats were ever-so-much what I needed during this recovery.

Alice in Wonderland - Gold Queen

Alice in Wonderland - Gold Queen

First I chose variations on Zoe’s Absolutely Alice Instant Ice Cream. The initial experiment was my own variation, peach, which would have been named Gold Queen, followed by Zoe’s own strawberry Red Queen. My peaches were going south very quickly and they had the advantage of no annoying little seeds to become caught in my sutures.

Alice in Wonderland - Red Queen

Alice in Wonderland - Red Queen



The next day I could not resist the strawberries. I did sort of skin the seeds off the larger berries. That is tedious but not such a big sacrifice when you love strawberries; although as the picture reveals, a good bit of the color disappeared along with the seeds .

Next up were Zoe’s Mango Banana Popsicles - umm, there were a lot of frozen bananas in my freezer. Those are my ‘emergency ripe bananas’ just in case son Jorge were to make an unexpected trip to Austin. He never leaves here without a batch of his all time favorite banana bread. Those of you who bake banana bread know that those bananas must be at the peak of ripe perfection or you might as well make plain muffin bread. Somehow I had more packages stashed away than I realized so some of them became frozen treats to soothe my sore gums.

Jorge - Trying to IGNORE Mom's Camera

Jorge - Trying to IGNORE Mom's Camera

I cut the Mango Banana recipe size down a bit to fit my cheap-o popsicle molds. If these treats become staple items then perhaps I’ll purchase something fancier. And that will no doubt require me to find a recipe that even Don will love – something involving chocolate! In the meantime it’s full speed ahead with summer fruits :-)

Mango Banana Popsicles!

Mango Banana Popsicles!

These popsicles were frosty and delicious and miserable to pull out of their frozen little containers – we definitely need an upgrade on the mold if we do more of these.

Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger

Adopt a Gluten-Free Blogger - July


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