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    Amanda and I try to declare ‘Sister Day’ at least once a year. We talk and shop, talk and eat, talk and walk, and talk, talk, talk trying to catch up on all the happenings in our lives. So off to Bryan-College Station I went for a sleep-over!

    Mandie is always on the lookout for healthy, exceptionally tasty recipes for the meals that she prepares for herself and Eric as well as for family and friends. We talked about Weight Watchers, exercise, calories, gluten, sodium, sugar, cholesterol, and more while she carefully prepped a gorgeous tray of fresh vegetables for roasting. I pulled out the (drum roll, please) Chickpea and Artichoke Salad that I brought which served as our appetizer.  

  Mandie showed me her copy of Rocco DiSpirito’s cookbook entitled Now Eat This! which immediately grabbed my attention. This book is a result of Chef Rocco DiSpirito’s personal determination to live a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying good food. Constantly exposed to the best and tastiest food in the world he put on enough weight that it began to cause him physical problems. In his quest to regain health and conditioning he began a serious program of diet and cardio training. Then as a guest chef on NBC’s The Biggest Loser he created recipes to help the contestants to stay the course. This experience inspired him to create new a cookbook to help everyone who loves good tasting food to find their way back to health and fitness.

    Chef DiSpirito first compiled a list of 150 of America’s favorites and then gave them a calorie makeover. His ‘cheats’ and shortcuts are creative but relatively simple. No fancy kitchen appliances are required. In these recipes the ‘flavor’ guy really comes through for you.

    While cutting fat, carbs, and calories the sodium content may be too high for some diets. He has cooking tips to help with those and other issues as well. The use of artificial sweeteners may not appeal to you but most of these recipes are diabetic friendly.

    I checked out the cookbook from out Georgetown library and when Rita came over this morning I made up Chef DiSpirito’s recipe for Spaghetti Carbonara sauce. For our constraints it was prepared with SO Cultured Coconut Milk instead of the evaporated skim milk, I made sure the cheese was 100% from sheep milk, and we used two whole eggs rather than just the yolks. Instead of whole wheat pasta I steamed garden fresh crookneck squash and prepared a package of Shirataki noodles. Using just two of the four servings of sauce our vegetables and noodles were incredibly delicious and filling.

    Now we are determined to have our own copies of this wonderful book. There are quite a few of these recipes to be found on the internet where Chef DiSpirito has shared them with viewers on various television shows. In fact there are two recipes on the Amazon book page. Check them out and maybe they will inspire you!

Gretchen and Rita

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2 comments for “Now Eat This! Rocco DiSpirito

  1. Helen Hand
    July 30, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Looking for Gluten Free linquini with shrimp you cooked on Now Eat This. Is this in the new Cookbook Now Eat This?

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